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7904 McDonald Rd
Olivet, MI 49076
Email: info@michigandairytech.com
Direct Line: (517) 489-2280

The MDT Team

Direct Line: (517) 204-4122
Email: kobrien@michigandairytech.com

ROBIN O'BRIEN - Office Manager/Payables
Direct Line: (517) 489-2280
Email: robrien@michigandairytech.com

BETHANY RANKIN - Customer Service/Receivables
Direct Line: (517) 489-2280
Email: brankin@michigandairytech.com

CHAD REYNOLDS - Technical Consultant
Direct Line: (269) 763-3849
Email: creynolds@michigandairytech.com

CHRIS RICHARDS - Field Technician
Direct Line: (616) 841-1357
Email: crichards@michigandairytech.com

BO BREEDEN - Field Technician
Direct Line: (517) 582-3838
Email: bbreeden@michigandairytech.com

EVAN REYNOLDS - Computer Technician
Direct Line: (517) 303-9395
Email: ereynolds@michigandairytech.com

Service Highlights

Consulting and Support

Free consultation for new projects.

24x7 Phone Support

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System Integration

We will help you get your equipment and your software talking. We can help you

Cisco Networking Solutions

Cisco manufactures high performance components. MDT installs Cisco brand routers, switches, and wireless technologies. We recommend secure firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). These work with T1 internet connections that do not have a distance limitation (as DSL or cable do) for rural areas.

Quality hardware solutions will maximize your uptime.

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