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At Michigan Dairy Tech (MDT), our services are not limited just to farms. MDT is available for IT consulting services for any sized business

MDT's service always begin with a free, on site needs assessment. All services are provided on site.

Our Menu of Business Services


Tech Support

System Maintenance

Security Systems


Backup Power Solutions


If you have questions about your business operations and are looking for opportunity to streamline, protect your investment, make more money, and reduce downtime, we can help. We provide consulting and support for:

  • Server farms
  • Virtual servers
  • Exchange installation and maintenance
  • Domain controllers

Tech Support

Our tech support is provided on-site. When you are facing problems, we will be there to troubleshoot and get your network and workstations back up and running.

System Maintenance

If issues arise, we are available to provide troubleshooting and on-site maintenance. Just give us a call.

Security Systems

Need a vacation? Your wife thinks so.

With a security camera installation from MDT, you will be able to keep a close eye on all aspects of your office, facility or warehouse, 24x7.. FROM YOUR PHONE, or any Internet-connected device.

MDT's cameras will help you:

  • Ensure quality handling of your equipment, products, etc...
  • Keep your staff accountable
  • Ensure training practices are followed
  • Remotely perform tasks

Our Axis Cameras Feature:

  • PTZ (Pan, tilt, zoom)
  • HD video
  • Two-way audio

Axis Camera - Security Image

MDT's camera systems will transmit live video feeds to your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

Click for larger version of image.

Other security services:

Biometric (fingerprint) timeclocks

Office, Warehouse, Facility Networking

MDT will install a network to connect all of your facilities and buildings. We recommend Cisco components. Facilities will be linked with fiber optics or through wireless access points.

Our long range wireless access points are able to span miles.

The fiber that we install is fast and is armor-encased it is very well protected. Fiber is not susceptible to interference from variable frequency drives.

Servers, workstation, and network components will be installed where necessary.

Backup Power Solutions

In the event of a power interruption, your computers will remain operational until the generators are running.

MDT recommends APC brand battery backup systems.

  • Prevent loss of data
  • Prevent system crashes
  • Protection from power surges

Service Highlights

Consulting and Support

Free consultation for new projects.

24x7 Phone Support

Call Michigan Dairy Tech today!
(517) 489-2280

System Integration

We will help you get your equipment and your software talking. We can help you

Cisco Networking Solutions

Cisco manufactures high performance components. MDT installs Cisco brand routers, switches, and wireless technologies. We recommend secure firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). These work with T1 internet connections that do not have a distance limitation (as DSL or cable do) for rural areas.

Quality hardware solutions will maximize your uptime.

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